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The BOM team has been providing professional enterprise SEO services for over 16 years. We have optimized medium-sized websites all the way up to large corporations with websites consisting of over 5 million pages indexed in Google.

The world of SEO is constantly changing field and there are absolutely no short cuts or quick tricks to achieving long-term, sustainable results that will not put your websites rankings in jeopardy. The BOM Team is on the cutting edge of enterprise SEO and compliance and we practice only safe and proven white hat tactics for our clients. Below are some of the techniques and skills that go into proper search engine optimization.

Keyword Research: Determining your company’s best keywords is one of the first tasks the BOM team undertakes. Your main, secondary, tertiary and local keywords are determined based on real search data volume data and monetary value of your industry keywords. This information helps us determine the URLs and content direction for your website. We can do a full keyword assessment of your website and provide a keyword universe for your content developers.

Website Structure: When building out a website, usability and SEO are the two main issues that need to be approached carefully. The page hierarchy should reflect the most important keywords closest to the homepage, then these pages should brand out into the secondary and tertiary keywords which all need to interlink in an intelligent SEO friendly manner. This properly passes maximum page juice to the most valuable pages while also distributing enough page juice to longer tail keyword pages which are easier to rank and require less power. When we build out a wireframe for your website, all of this is taken into consideration and mapped out in detail. Our team also reworks existing sites where SEO was not considered in the initial design phase. Reach out to us if your website is not ranking as well as expected.

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On Page Optimization: When the BOM team is finished mapping out the website structure for your website, on page optimization of each site is then documented prior to building out the site. Content, URLs, title tags, H1 H2 and H3 tags, meta descriptions, internal anchor texts, external links, image optimization and a lot more factors come into play to ensure that your site has the best ability to rank as possible.

Search Engine Compliance: Maintaining compliance within an enterprise is extremely important in the world of SEO and often overlooked by less skilled SEO agencies. Compliance has to do with many aspects of intentional (and very often unintentional) webmaster, hosting and platform coding practices which can result in negative search engine ranking consequences such as ranking suppression. This is where a websites rankings will be pushed to the 5th page of the SEPRs or deeper, and in some cases result in complete deindexing of a website. This can have catastrophic results on a company and require the organization to increase their paid ad spend significantly just to maintain traffic levels. The BOM team is well versed in helping websites recover from Google penalties, filing reconsideration reports and disavowing links for companies who have come to us after the fact. We help companies avoid these avoidable and costly pitfalls when you chose the BOM Team to build, optimize and manage your web properties.

Responsible Link Building: After your website has been built and indexed in search engines, we begin building your external link profile to help increase your domain authority. The world of link building has changed significantly and improper or irresponsible link building can now easily lead to ranking suppression or deindexing. The BOM team engages in only white hat link building techniques from authority websites that are honest and trusted by Google. We only consider links which have the ability to pass page juice to your site, thereby boosting your organic search engine ranking positions. Be careful of any agency who guarantees ranking results and who purchase incoming links – ne reputable company ever guarantees rankings and often they are simple referring top paid search campaigns.
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Management and Monitoring: Even before your site has launched, the BOM team has already begun putting together keyword rankings reports in order to establish a baseline to monitor ranking progress. We want to see which pages Google, Yahoo and Bing have determined to be the ones they have chosen to rank for specific keywords. This allows us to look for opportunities to enhance the on page and off page SEO and increase those organic ranking positions.

Employee Training: The BOM team is more than willing to teach and educate your content staff on how to contribute and promote SEO friendly content that has the ability to rank organically. This entails looking for topics in the industry which are trending, choosing proper keywords, and optimizing the page and content around that information. We can provide comprehensive training in this area as well as provide tutorials on how to navigate around your content management system.

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