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Whether your company is looking to create your very first website, updating an existing site, or completely replacing your current site, the BOM team makes sure it is done professionally, timely and under budget. There are many factors to consider when choosing a competent website developer and often these unfortunately quite often go overlooked. Here is a brief summary of things you should consider when choosing a development company for website building services.

Platform: When choosing to build out a new website, choosing the best platform (such as WordPress) is one of the most important decisions your company will make and needs to be heavily considered because you will be married to it for a long time. Each company has different needs depending on several factors. The size of the organization, the type of business (if products are sold online for example), the scope of the website (present and future) and the technical ability of your IT staff are just some things that need to be assessed before deciding on a platform. Some platforms are easier to maintain and are more popular in the development community, are open source and well documented. This means that team members can more easily contribute to the content themselves instead of needing to go through an agency or IT team for simple everyday changes or content creation. BOM will help your company decide on the best platform for you based on your needs.

Creativity: Different web development agencies have different design approaches and creative skills which they bring to the table. Determining the best company to handle the development of your website requires some research on your part, and client portfolios or recommendations can help make that decision easier. Website themes can be purchased online which can give you a good idea of what your website can look like prior to any coding. The BOM Team can research your industry and provide you with a variety of design ideas to choose from which would then become highly customized to fit your needs. Contact our team now for a free quote.

website building services

Functionality: An extremely important aspect which is often overlooked is the functionality of a website, which can have a great impact on how your users interact on your site. We want to optimize the success rate of how potential customers reach out to you, whether it be through a contact form, chat box, whitepaper download, newsletter signup, email or phone call. Using our experience, best practices and online tools such as heat maps and traffic funnels, we are able to optimize your website to maximize your conversion rates. Prior to building out your website we will evaluate your content needs, and put together a wireframe which will lay out our strategic plan to help customers successfully navigate your site for the information they need in order to help them decide to reach out to you.

Usability: Another important aspect that often doesn’t get the attention it deserves is the usability of your website. First and foremost, your website needs to render properly across all platforms such as desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The BOM team thoroughly tests your websites usability across every device. We use multivariate testing tools to improve upon website usability based off of real user behavioral data. Our experience and up-to-date knowledge is utilized to apply industry best practices across all elements on your website.

Conversions: The first step to maximizing leads is to design all aspects of the website to be as conversion friendly as possible. Different industries and brands have different types of conversion goals and we build your website based around those needs. Phone calls and contact us forms are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to gaining potential customers. The BOM team are experts in website development and marketing, and we will design and optimize your website with creative solutions to maximize your leads and increase your companies ROI.

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Technical Considerations: There are several different technical factors to consider when building out or improving your companies website. The first and foremost consideration is the long term goals and aspirations of the company. Will this website grow exponentially to the point that the platform or hosting selection won’t be able to handle the size or amount of traffic? At BOM we like to be forward thinking and make sure that the platform chosen will be sufficient to take your company to the next step. Hosting can always be upgraded at any time so this is less of an issue but page speed definitely needs to be considered and monitored as this is a major factor used to determine rankings in mobile search results.

Responsive design is a huge technical issue that needs to be addressed especially with older websites. With the lions share of visitors now coming to websites over mobile platforms, all websites need to render properly over these browsers in order to retain customers. The BOM team has years of experience in designing, fixing and testing websites across all browser platforms. We also segment traffic based on types of devices and analyze the users traffic behavior in order to improve the user experience.

Replacing an existing website is not as simple as is sounds and this is often mismanaged correctly by web designers who aren’t well versed in SEO. Your old website most likely has external links pointing to the sites homepage and internal pages. All of these pages will break when the site disappears, therefor it is important to 301 redirect all old pages to point to their respective new internal pages to ensure that no page juice is lost, and that customers will not land on 404 error pages instead of content. There are many other technical factors to consider as well when replacing a site and

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