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The BOM team knows that keeping your company’s website up-to-date requires much more than just providing the user with fresh and compelling content. While content is surely very important, your website needs a professional webmaster that is familiar with all aspects in keeping your website healthy from a maintenance perspective. Our team is on top of our clients websites and handle many daily issues to ensure compliance.

Technical Issues: All technical aspects of your site need to be monitored for several reasons. Your increasing traffic demands, user retention (time spent on site, bounce rate, return visits) and conversion rates all are at stake when technical issues aren’t being monitored and managed. The BOM team diligently tackles all technical issues that may be present or arise on your site.

Content Creation: This is extremely important not only for SEO but also in order to properly convey your message and to keep users coming back for more. Stale or out of date information conveys the impression that your company is out of touch or not maintaining their website. Even simple things like changing the year in the footer of your website is often overlooked and can result in lack of trust and loss of sales. The team at BOM makes sure that our website building services launch your website with the best possible content in an SEO friendly manner, and our website management team continues creating compelling content based on what information is trending in your industry.

Compliance: Maintaining proper website compliance is an extremely and often overlooked aspect of website management. Just having editors and a content creation team is not enough. Without proper a search engine optimization expert keeping an eye on your site it is easy to unintentionally fall out of compliance with search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Websites need to be kept up to date with latest versions of the CMS platform and plugins as well as logins to protect from hackers. Server speed and code performance needs to be monitored to ensure quick load times for users and the search engine algorithms. Technical SEO issues such as SSL certificate and domain management, proper indexing of pages in search engines, and monitoring server and 404 errors are just some of the tasks that BOM handles to ensure proper SEO website compliance.

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