Who is The BOM Team?

The BOM Team is a small team of seasoned professionals located primarily in the New Jersey and New York area. We are a group of middle-aged business professionals who have cut our teeth in the corporate arena for decades. Many years of dealing with outside agencies and so-called professional consultants have proven to us that there are much more effective ways to work with clients and achieve greater success.

Our dedicated team members all possess similar and overlapping skills in all aspects of web development, optimization, marketing and website management as well as their own individual specialties. Sharing diverse skills allows our team to work together and communicate seamlessly while still allowing each member to concentrate on their main specialty. Our intelligent approach to employee skill overlap can help benefit your company by contacting us now.

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What Makes Us So Different?

The BOM team is truly a smart and highly efficient business model that we believe more small development companies will continue to adopt. What makes us so different from other standard web agencies is also what makes us much more effective and agile. We are always available for impromptu meetings, phone calls, face-to-face meetings or video chats. Unlike larger agencies, we have an extremely quick turnaround and respond to many changes on the fly. Your requests are handled quickly and efficiently and don’t get lost sitting in some project management queue while you wait for the changes to get made.

BOM also has extremely flexible and affordable pricing compared to most other local agencies. We also never try to lock our clients into long-term contracts because our clients continue working with us when they see the quality and competence of our team.

Why Our Clients Love Us


Here are just a few reasons why our clients love working with the BOM team.

Flexibility: Our team is extremely agile and adept at making changes and offers the flexibility your company needs.

Responsiveness: We are always just an email, phone call or text away! Our customers love to be able to reach out to us at any time with any questions or concerns that you or your team might have for us. Our responsiveness is at a level you won’t get with larger agencies.

Pricing: Since we are a smaller company and have lower overhead operating costs, we can offer the best pricing out there. The BOM Team can handle every aspect of web development, optimization and management which means you won’t need to handle multiple agencies who need to communicate with each other, which often can result in a communication disconnect.

Competency: Our team is second to none when it comes to skill, experience and expertise. We are a tight knit company consisting of seasoned professionals who share the same level of passion about your companies success and goals as you do.

We are happy to share our client references with potential customers, just let us know!


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Reach out to us anytime for a quick and hassle free online quote. We can perform a 100 point checklist report of your websites strengths and weaknesses to help us determine what services you might be needing. We can easily identify areas of improvement and prioritize them in order of importance. Email us today at BuildOptimizeManage@gmail.com or call us anytime at (973) 567-2270. We look forward to serving you.

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